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Certain industry sectors – such as banking/finance, healthcare, and defense contracting – have government mandated requirements for protecting sensitive information; for example, private healthcare records or export-controlled intellectual prop...
A few weeks ago I wrote about the prospect of the repeal of Costa-Hawkins act in California.  This measure is being pushed by tenant rights groups claiming it will help with affordable housing.  Although I do believe there is an affor...
  on What You Need To Know About Rent Concessions With rent concessions on the rise nationwide we need to have an understanding what giving or offering a concession can do to your property value if not handled correctly. Let’s start with th...
There are three distinct but equally significant components to loan approvals for all investor properties.  The first component is an analysis of the property, the second is a review of the borrower’s credentials, and the third is an internal l...
We all know that sign code enforcers love to catch us trying to advertise our properties! When I leased for CLASS in the late 90's, most of our clients were under the belief that they really couldn't do much advertising with temporary signage and bal...

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